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A self-proclaimed superhero from inner-city Frankfurt whose only superpower is the ability to break into many pieces upon contact with ANYTHING.
(He has yet to win his first confrontation with his arch-nemesis, The Green Lantern.)
Brittle Man: I have come to break.....you.
by rock'n sock'em boppers July 23, 2010
An extremely monstrous bro with at least 18 inch biceps and a 350 pound bench press.
Little Bro: Hey brotillery! Let me get your bicep workout!
by rock'n sock'em boppers July 23, 2010
A bro that motivates other bros to perform brotherly deeds.
Bro 1: "Go help that bro put that decal on the back of his truck."

Bro 2:"Yeah brotillery. I definitely should. You're such a brotivator!"
by rock'n sock'em boppers July 23, 2010

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