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When A guy shoots his load into a chicks arse - aka 'C in the B'
"Would you like some Cum in the Bum?"
by Robert J. Melrose May 18, 2003
When two or more guys drop a load on some chicks face
oooohhh...my mums going down on the fabulous baker boys! Co-Jism!!!!
by Robert J. Melrose June 04, 2003
Word for exclamation.
Shes the SLUT! Bung!
by Robert J. Melrose May 19, 2003
When a boong looks at you and wants to provoke a fight
That fuckin' boong over there is giving me the boong eye - he wants to start shit eh cunt!
by Robert J. Melrose May 18, 2003
When Van Damme does the splits and craig turley sucks the cum out of his split sack.
oooohhh...there goes Jean Claude Van Jis - oh wait..thats just Karl Langdon sucking sumas cock!
by Robert J. Melrose May 30, 2003
Fat chicks with tits on their back - also known as 'Back Titties'. Female equivilant of love handles but higher up.
ooooooohhhh that fat bitch has some big ass bum titties! She must have gotten implants whilst lying down on her front! what a cunt!
by Robert J. Melrose September 04, 2003
What fat chicks should eat/drink also known as 'DJ' - 1 Calorie, Dont Cum-on-Me!
ooooohhhh...that bitch looks like butterbean! She could definately use some Diet Jism - ooohhhh!
by Robert J. Melrose June 12, 2003

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