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Asian Valley Girl. High maintenance chick who makes either her boyfriend or other dudes do all her shit for her. AVG's like to attack and fight with other AVG's. Kinda like a queen bee but worse cause she's asian and she's from the valley.

Origin: Hawaii.
"Whoa! Check out that girl, she's hot!"
"Dude she may be hot but an AVG like that will step all over your sorry ass."
by robbie February 16, 2005
1/8 ounce of marijuana.
Yo dogg, lemme get an 8 track.
by Robbie October 24, 2004
u no when that guy w/ tthe mukllet does that stuf when he goes enamonachoona and he ya "hey boys" "yeah"
stuff does that thing @ the place WA WA
by Robbie April 19, 2003
a tremedusly gay overgrowth of hair above the nose
George has a unibrow the size of bulgaira
by Robbie December 09, 2003
The symbol of love and rock. Rock music that is. The symbol of love rock combined. also known as the love metal.
The heartogram poster is on my wall
by Robbie June 03, 2004
A chick who does everything you say..
That bitch does all my work.. and lets me prok her whenever i want.
by robbie September 30, 2003
Ditch That Bitch!!!!!!!!!
AKA: Dump That Bitch!

Once I told my friend to "DTB!" and I think the girl actually caught on to what that stood for. My bad Li....faak you!
"You gotta DTB! She's a total snob!"
by robbie June 21, 2006

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