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pronounced (Eight*Tray*Uno) is a Multi-group Hip-Hop crew hailing from the Central Coast of California. Some of the groups under the EightTreUno banner are 5-flavors, 3Ring Circus and the Infallible Crew. These groups/crews are comprised of mixed members of the overall EightTreUno squad some artists preforming in multiple groups. Such artists are Marz, Dyslexatron, NaNo, Ritz, Herbivore, Shawntron, Mikey-Ray, Enc.(dot), Rob-1 and D.J. HiRez tha subterrianin element.
dude: "Have you heard the new Infallible cut with Rob-1, Dyslexatron and Herbivore?"
dude#2: "Hell yeah! Its number 13 on the new EightTreUno C.D."
dude: "Say Word Son!"
dude#2 "Word"
by rob mattic June 28, 2007

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