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A white male who enjoys popular rap music, but holds to his roots as a redneck. This subgroup has been growing rapidly as rap music has become more popular in America.

Most wignecks don't enjoy shaving or wearing shirts, but love to have pictures taken of themselves holding their neice and a bud light (the wigneck beer of choice). They normally have very close family ties and will constantly share stories about their uncle or cousin (who is really crazy and the funniest guy you'll ever meet).

Many wignecks enjoy playing pool while wearing some form of clothing adorned with the confederate flag while discussing Nelly or Ja Rule.

*Note that most wignecks only listen to top 40 rappers and as a rule know nothing about hip-hop. (although they most likely have a ball point prison tattoo of the Wu-Tang emblem; provided, of course, by their talented cousin who likes drawing trucks with big tires.)
Last night I wound up at some redneck karaoke bar and watched a wigneck drink four Mike's Hard Lemonades while wearing a Tu Pac tshirt and arguing with his uncle, Barry, that Jeff Gordon is, "Uber sweet and totally better than Davey Allison."
by rob explosions October 16, 2006
A wigneck playing the Nintendo wii. Wiignecks don't play like normal people. They often have a bounce in their step, buck at the televison and by the end of the game are real sweaty. These dudes are really intense and should be avoided at all costs (especially if you don't want your coffee table/wiimote broken).
"I was at my friend's house playing wii and his cousin came over. The kid was wearing baggie jean shorts, a black wifebeater tshirt and a backwards Dale Jr. hat. That wiigneck looked like he was going to fight the TV when he didn't hit the 7-10 split!"
by rob explosions March 15, 2007

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