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Name applied to a dull/common person. Someone lacking power who's mediocre in influence and potential. Someone who hasn't gotten far in the years they have been living on this Earth. Someone judgemental yet has no credentials to back his own bravado up. This term can be applied to anyone that thinks they are better than they really are yet have nothing to show for it. Name for a 'commoner' also due to Mike being a very common name for a male.

Also a term for overcompensation.
1. He had no idea what the theory of relativity was.. he's such a Michael.

2. He had to talk down to people to overcompensate for the failure that's his life.

3. He envied Joe.. for he could always command a crowd but then he realized he was just a Michael and no one took him seriously.
by rmerfup January 09, 2008

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