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2 definitions by rmblnrd69

Is a man or woman; who will chase after the connection, to get a bag of dope., No matter the price. Whether the price be cash or sex etc.
Aqua was a chick who was a little low on cash; but knew if she went down on the connection, she would get a free bag.After all she is a Bagchaser.

Suesie Cue a well known bag chaser didn't like anal sex; but was willing to do it for a bag.
by rmblnrd69 November 04, 2006
When a person who is under the influence of meth is walking down the street really fast. And there eyes are turned down towards the street instead of where they are going.
They are usually looking for a package that somebody might have dropped. Like a quarter gram or other size.
There usually sweaty and having hard time controlling there body movements.
Here comes Tweaky Bob, crank stepping towards us.
by rmblnrd69 May 11, 2010