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7 definitions by rkjs

A fan of Apple Macintosh computers who feels the brand is superior to PCs. (Guess they SHOULD, given how much more they COST.) Can range from generally pleasant (Mac user)to absolutely insufferable (mactard).
Whenever I ask my sons for help with my laptop, they start chanting "Get a Maaaaaac." They're such Mac snobs.
by rkjs July 12, 2009
The line formed where the underside of a woman's braless breast rests on the rib cage area of her torso, as seen from the side (usually due to sleeveless dresses or tops). Differs from side boob in that the breast must sag enough to produce the cleavage effect.
Dude, did you see Cameron Diaz's side cleavage at that awards show? So hawt!
by rkjs May 16, 2009
Any sight of a woman's bare nipples.
It used to be that an "R" rating meant guaranteed nippleage.
by rkjs May 27, 2009
When it's so cold that the only way to warm up is to engage in the act of spooning.
Our heater isn't working, so it's just as spoon cold indoors as out.
by rkjs November 05, 2010
(v.) to be defeated, usually in a video game. Derived from Halo multiplayer deathmatches in which the victor taunts the loser to "get off the sticks" (i.e., the two analog sticks of the typical Xbox joypad)
That's 33 frags in a row, sucka! Get off the sticks!!!!
by rkjs May 27, 2009
(v.) to have rolled two 1's in a dice game. Derived from the term "snake eyes."
I was on fire until I snaked three times straight. I'm never gambling again.
by rkjs May 27, 2009
Pronounced "bouncy" or "bounce-say." Alternate name for pop/r&b singer Beyoncé Knowles, because she is. Also describes what she's done to certain ex-Destiny's Child members.
Man, Bouncéy's rack was jiggling all OVER the place in the Beyoncert last night. I ain't mad at her!
by rkjs July 07, 2009