22 definitions by riley

The greatest BHD player EVER
Apoco sent GenCheesy-AOW- to the morgue
by Riley May 07, 2005
Riley Alyssa Billingsley
Riley ya uhh .
by Riley March 08, 2005
Fucking Itchy Balls Syndrome.

FIBS usually doesn't occur in private, but most likely during a family dinner, a formal event, or something similar. Symptoms include uncomfortably itchy scrotum/pubic area, awkward lower body movement/squirming, and near uncontrollable urge to thrust hand in pants and scratch scrotum/pubic area.
"Dude, why are you fuckin dancing around like that?"

"I got a bad case of FIBS, man."

"Fuckin scratch them, idiot."

"I can't while we're taking the fucking prom picture asshole."
by Riley July 20, 2004
Gee, Thanks...

A sarcastic remark when someone tries to do something nice for someone else, and is rejected by the recipient.
"Hey, I bought you these penis enlargement pills because I overheard you crying about small penis problems."

"...GT, asshole"
by Riley July 20, 2004
real crappy, but nice in the counties... soo rich there... yea i`m from b-more its got hoes in everyy area of it... just so u kno... i`m not poor nd i don`t look lyk a ho... don`t dis b-more i kno its gangster and wierd but if u go 2 the rite places its like super nice...
white marsh... belair << nicee
by riley March 21, 2005
Constitutional scholar who shreds liberals and their half-baked ideas like a surfer on speed.
The tree hugger started yapping about global warming and Buffy went Ann Coulter all over his ass!
by Riley March 18, 2005
"Dude, i just snaked that guys McDonalds bag...hey, look, he had a hash brown, awesome!"
by Riley July 31, 2003
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