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2 definitions by riktov

Japanese term for "half-Japanese" -- a person with one parent who is Japanese and one non-Japanese. From the English word "half". The term is common and considered non-offensive by Japanese, though resisted by some haafus themselves, often in preference to "mix". When used in English, often used as an adjective rather than a noun, i.e., "he is haafu" rather than "he is a haafu".
Did you know she's haafu?
Really? Uso! zenzen shiranakatta!
by riktov November 18, 2010
To get a low-quality MP3 of a song by extracting the audio from a YouTube video, like the way people taped music off the radio in pre-digital days.
I'm too cheap to buy from the iTunes store, so I just YouTaped that old Wang Chung song.
by riktov December 10, 2010