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Goths....Goths are just normal everyday people that are strong willed, creative and dress in wateva they want 2, showin tat this is who they are and noone can change them.
Goths are NOT suicidal...thats totally wrong, if u think that and u should realise that ur an idiot. Townies (bogans) are the ones who pick on us as we walk down the street or jst anywhere, thinkin theyre better than us is just plain stupidity, noone should think that they are better than another person just because tat person wears black nd listens to GOOD music.
Goths are NOT satanists
Goths dont have 2 wear all black
Goths are NOT depressed
Goths DONT care that people think they are freaks...even though we're NOT freaks
To those who think we are freaks GROW UP! oh and also look at yourself and hear how stupid u sound TRYING 2 annoy us and TRYING to make us feel bad.....Since we really dont give a flying fuck wat you pathetic mindless retards think
i walk into a shop
Bogan1:oooooo goth boy..wants 2 kill himself
Bogan2:Wat a freak
Me:(sarcasticaly) oooo watch out i might kill u!
(not really caring wat the stupid low fuckwit imbreds say walk off and feel good im not like them)
by righteous bastard March 31, 2006

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