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It's called spelunking you dip shit.
When you add words to urban dictionary like sperlunking, you should make sure you got it spelled correctly moron.
by Rick V July 10, 2008
The Disney character from Songs of the South. Disney tries to pretend like he never existed because they are afraid to piss off the black man. Disney is just another sell out to political correctness.
One thing Uncle Remus used to say about his syrup was, "Dis sho am good."
by Rick V July 14, 2008
A talentless hack.
No talents or qualifications are required to become a reality star. To become one only requires a stroke of luck much like that of buying a winning lottery ticket.
by Rick V May 11, 2010
An immigrant who seeks U.S. citizenship, uses its freedoms, and/or government entitlements, but has no loyalty, American pride, or desire to assimilate into American culture.

Prounounced "user".
Decades ago America was a melting pot of cultures. People came to America with dreams of becoming Americans. Today our borders are infiltrated by U.S.ers who have no interest in truly becoming Americans.
by Rick V October 09, 2008
The first person to leave his group of friends and go home during a fun late night out. This person will often try and slip out (i.e. leak out) unnoticed to avoid the embarrassment and shame of being the first to leave his buddies.
Man, it's only 10 o'clock and there goes Lamont. He is such a leaker.

by Rick V August 03, 2007
Randomly placing blame on a third party for something that someone else has done. Made popular by the song "United Hates Guitars." The song inadvertently places blame on Ms. Irlweg who works at the airline. Irlweg has become the scapegoat of the broken guitar incident.
In the company lunchroom: Who left the soda in the freezer? It exploded and the entire freezer is covered in frozen cola. (Silence - no one speaks up).

"Blame Irlweg."

Everyone laughs and accepts the conclusion.

"Alright people, get back to work."
by Rick V November 24, 2009
The act of freaking out in a chat room (i.e. screaming). Often identifed by the keyboard use of ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points.
I don't know who this Joey269 dude is, but he started capping out on me when I said something about his mother.
by Rick V April 23, 2009

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