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tits that just so happen to have diagonal titbrows making the tits look like they gonna eat yo mutha
DAmn dat bitch got some angry tits

Fuck, my black ass got da angry ass tits nigga
by richie from no problem February 11, 2005
reffering to black people, derives from the term nigger, which was used by slave massa's in the 40's and 50's and early 60's, otherwise known as the, "whippin days"

In the song, "Whip It" by Devo, there is a big hint into the, "Whipping Days" as in where white people would whip the Africans until they picked more cotton, and more watermelon, and ate more KFC.

"Hello nigga."

"'ey yo nigga, me 'n Jaspa' gon' go and pick up some crazy African hoes"

"Whaddup Nigga"

Nigga: "Tonight at 8:30, 'gonna grab some shovels and bash white folk in da head."
Nigga 2: "What time?"
Nigga: "8:30"
Nigga 2: "Do What?"
Nigga: "Gon' kill white folk!"
by richie from no problem October 01, 2005
some gay game that all the gay ass nerds play and they suck balls
ray was playing final fantasy

Damn final fantasy is gay
by richie from no problem February 11, 2005
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