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sluts with sausage / dolls with balls / babes with boners / women with wangs / chicks with dicks / moms with meat / playmates with prostates / debbies with dongs / heroines with hard-ons / ladies with lances / lolitas with lovesticks / dykes with dinks / bitches with beef / wives with weiners / whores with more / widows with woodies / tricks with tripods / nieces with nuts / females with foreskin / bimbos with bones / princesses with penises / brides with bananas / hookers with horsecocks / nuns with knobs / skanks with scrotums / gals with gadgets / skirts with schlongs / sisters with snakes / broads with rods / tramps with testes / cunts with cocks / wenches with wee-wees / girls with gonads / nymphs with niggerdicks / mamas with manhood / nannies with nightsticks / pinays with pipes / shrews with salami / chicas with chubbies / harpies with helmets / dominatrixes with dipsticks / succubuses with sacks / maidens with members / bachlorettes with bishops / goddesses with goliaths / hoochies with hoses / vixens with vipers / foxes with fucksticks / actresses with anacondas / dames with ding-dongs / mistresses with manginas / tarts with tools / hotties with hammers / femmes with footlongs / prostitutes with pogosticks
shemales are the children of god.
#ladyboy #dickgirls #sheboy #chicks with dicks #chick with a dick
by rexxard October 13, 2006
name of the extrememly popular and revolutionary IRC channel on the efnet network.
i like to spend my friday nights in #penispump.
#irc #chat #efnet #penis #pump #penispump
by rexxard October 13, 2006
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