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11 definitions by rexall

Unlike a post a few up, Layne was one of the inventors of the Seattle Grunge rock sound, and one to get the least credit. Along with Mudhoney, solely invited the sound ripped by many grunge bands. Unlike the post a few up, an AMAZING song writer who brought us such songs as "Nutshell", "Down in A Hole", "Frogs", "Sea of Sorrow", and the list goes on. A much more emotional writer than Eddie Vedder EVER will be. Mixed emotion and grunge, but thankfully never did "emo" music.
Best singer, songwriter, and band.
See also Jerry Cantrelland lice in Chains
Layne Staley put a whole movement on the map.
by Rexall June 10, 2004
777 87
a.k.a. Liquid Crack. it will make you do things most liquor won't.
its all fun and games until the jager comes out then you end up sexing up fat chicks.
by Rexall October 12, 2004
856 304
Pon di river Pon di bank
by Rexall September 15, 2003
572 155
The champagne of beers.
Sorry i drank it all.
by Rexall October 26, 2003
331 52
a story or tale
a banton himma tell di children
by Rexall September 15, 2003
17 10
Internet expression to describe a realistic Photoshop chop. Photo chops like a butcher. Editing an image for amusement and entertainment purposes.
You're just asking for trouble posting here. SamDaButcher is going to chop that picture you and make you look like more of a fool than you already are.
by RexAll March 29, 2004
11 5
meaning (we) need to talk about shit I need to do.
girfriend: Rob, we need to talk.
Rob: Fuck! Trying to watch the game here.
by Rexall October 13, 2004
8 6