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A private, all-girls catholic high school in Cincinnati Ohio. Contrary to what you might think, these girls are stuck up and only care about what they look like and their own selfish needs. Their $17,000 education means absolutely nothing to them compared to the new Gucci bag or $1,000 dollar must-have Ugg boots. Their "popped collars" annoy the hell out of everyone around them, and every other catholic school kid wants to push them down the stairs. Even then, the only thing they'd be worried about would be scuffing their pretty boots that mommy and daddy bought for them.
These selfish, stuck up, rich-bitches deserve nothing better than a public school education, where they'd get a huge dose of reality.
Catholic student 1: Did you see that St. Ursula Academy girl?
Catholic student 2: Yeah, she was looking at herself in the mirror for over an hour.
Catholic #1: And she goes to an all-girls school. Could those girls be any more snobby and stuck up?
Catholic #2: I dont know if thats possible.
#all-girls #rich bitches #snobby #selfish #non deserving a good education
by rep.of.all-girls November 29, 2009
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