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When people fuck eachother and rub they'er vag's and penis's together fast with clothes on.
The following people in this dry hump example aren't real.
Sparkle: I'm bored, Fred.
Fred: Me too....
Sparkle: *Rubs Fred's cock from outside of his pants*
Fred: O-oh! *Gets a hard on*
Sparkle: *Grabs Fred's shirt, pulls him on top of her*
Fred: Heh.... *Starts rubbing his hard on against Sparkle's vagina*
Sparkle: Oh! Oh! Uhhhh!
Fred: *Rubbing his hard on harder*
Sparkle: HARDER!! HARDER!!! FASTER!!! UH UH UH!!! *Moans*
Fred: *Rubs his dick harder and faster against Sparkle's vagina*
Sparkle: Oh.... I think I'm going to.... *Cums*
Fred: *Continues*
by Rena_Ryuugu April 13, 2010
A beautiful and turn on sound someone makes when they are having sex.
Some sexual noises would be in this situation:
Female: *Un-does males pants and licks the end of his dick*
Female: *Starts sucking on the tip*
Male:...Uhhh.....uh uh uh.....
Female: You like that, don't you? *Sucks more of the dick*
Male: Oh... oh my god... your.... AMAZING!!! UH! UH!
Female: *Sucks the entire dick*
Male: I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! UH!!! OH OH!! UH!!! AHH!!! *Groans, gets a hard on*
Female: *Sucks harder and faster*
Male: *Cums* Uh... uh uh... oh..
Female: *Swallows cum* Delicious.
Male: Oh my... you've been naughty, haven't you?
Female: Very naughty....
Male: *Gets on top of female, and inserts his penis into her vagina, slowly*
Female:...Oh.....oh..*moans*...ohhh....uh.......ahhh..... amazing... ah ah... uh uh uh.... *moans*
Male: *Inserts alittle faster*
Male: *Inserts even faster*
Female: FASTER! HARDER! UH! UH UH UH!!! *Moans loudly*
by Rena_Ryuugu April 13, 2010
One of the most amazing books, that will have you throwing up instantly. Written by 4 young boys named Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman, but was stolen credit of when another child was blamed when it was found.
The tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
"One morning awoke Scrotie McBoogerballs to find his pimple-infested penis was being sucked on hard by Paris Hilton's herpes infested mouth."
by Rena_Ryuugu April 17, 2010
When family members have feelings for eachother. Alot of people think it's wrong, but it's only wrong if they have a child, because it has so much of it's own blood that it will most likely be deformed. Adoption is fine.
An incest story example, these are not real people, only fiction:
It was saturday night, Martin, a 16-year-old boy, and his 15-year-old sister Martha, were left home alone because they'er parents went for a night alone. Martin was sitting in the living room, watching TV, while Matha was in her room. Martin was changing channels, getting bored, so he walked around the house randomly, looking for something to do. He saw a picture of his sister, and looked at it for a moment. He then relized he loved her. So, he went to her room to tell her this. But, he found her sitting on her bed, her legs apart, holding a PlayGirl in one hand, and a finger from her other hand shoved inside her vagina, with cum all over her vagina and legs. She looked away from her cum-covered vagina, and up at her brother, who was standing there staring. She said ".......Brother....... I was...... thinking about you.". With that, her brother quickly got on top of her and started kissing her, rubbing her vagina. He quickly moved his face away from hers, and down to her vagina, licking her clit. She wriggled in pleasure and screamed happily. He then stuck his penis up her vagina. "UH!!! OH, YES!!! FASTER!!!" She screamed. He moved in and out faster. They continued to have sex until her brother screamed "I'm going to cum!" and she came while he came inside her. They then fell asleep until morning.
by Rena_Ryuugu April 29, 2010
When a girl has no dildo or boyfriend and does not like to use her fingers, she will use a hose and shove it up her crotch, and turn the hose on, filling her insides with water.
"Wanna watch some movies?"
"No, I need to go watering the cat.".
by Rena_Ryuugu April 29, 2010
When a guy goes on a date with his girlfriend, and she wants him to fuck her, but he can't get a boner, so he pushes a dildo up her crotch.
Some guy: So, how did your date last night go?
Other guy:...Well....I couldn't get a hard on... but she really wanted it, so I gave her a dildo push.
by Rena_Ryuugu April 12, 2010
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