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1 definition by relax... goodkarma

An amazing British singer. Unlike most artists, she put herself into her songs. Her songs were real and expressed her thoughts and personality uncensored (something other artists cannot do or are afraid to do due to fear of society's opinions). She sang from jazz to blues to ska and other genres. She doesn't give a fuck. She has her own sense of style and does not conform to the media. She suffered through drug addiction along with an abusive boyfriend, which gained a lot of haters who weren't interested enough to understand what they're hating. She passed away July 23, 2011, and is currently resting in peace.
Nobody in this world gives a shit, and there are no songs that I could listen to that understand me. Oh, wait! I'll listen to Amy Winehouse! :D

Amy Winehouse is a kickass motherfucker!

My hair's too flat, I think I'm going to get the Amy Winehouse look.
by relax... goodkarma August 15, 2011
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