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The act of sexually humiliating your partner by abusing and degrading her face during rough oral sex by holding her head deep on your genitalia, slapping her face, and talking to her in a degrading manner during the process.
I face fucked my girlfriend's throat until she turned purple, then I covered her face in semen: it was an act of total facial abuse.
#degrading sex #face fucking #oral sex with no empathy #deface her face #defacing her face
by reggie knowles September 24, 2006
The act of humiliating a girl by ejaculating on her face and having her sit with it on her face until the sexual component has left, and the situation turns to humiliation. As she sits there it's imperative she cannot wipe it off. During this time you ask her questions about how she feels and whats going through her head. By this time you will see the mental breakdown begin.
I totally want to deface her face. I think she wouldnt be as stuck up if she had a load or two on her face and i had her ponder why she is a whore.
#facial abuse #facialabuse #bukkake #cum on her face #humiliation
by reggie knowles September 29, 2006
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