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Ectobiology is a science that allows the cloning, breeding and genetic modification of an organism using appearification. Players of Sburb and their ancestors or guardians are created via ectobiology. John performs the ectobiology in the pre-Scratch kids' session and Karkat in the post-Scratch trolls' session.
Betty crocker and colonel sassacre Adopted Nanna egbert And "hass" harley. WHO INTERN used ectobiology to create john egbert and jade harley, Ecto bro and sis. Not created by blood, nor 'natural' biology
by ReformedMatrix September 08, 2012
A dork and a Weeaboo
Dudebro: OMG, did you see that radical chick with the colored hair at the party?
Dudebro extreme: Yo, don't even I heard she's a total DWEEB.
Dudebro: You mean a weeaboo dweeb?
by ReformedMatrix February 09, 2015
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