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One of the best metal bands around today. A Florida based 4-piece band that consists of:
Matt Heafy-Guitar/Vocals
Corey Beaulieau-Guitar/Vocals
Paolo Gregoletto-Bass/Vocals
Travis Smith-Drums
Their first album, Ember to Inferno was released on Lifeforce records and was written by Matt Heafy when he was 15 to 16. The fact that he he did this is a testament to how much of an awesome band they are. Ember to Inferno, Requiem and If I Could Collapse The Masses are essential songs to download of this album.
after Ember to Inferno, they were signed onto Roadrunner Records where they recorded their seminal album, Ascendancy. They also recorded some songs for the 25th Roadrunner anniversary album, The All-Star sessions, where they played alongside such legends as Jeff Waters and King Diamond. Matt Heafy was also made a Roadrunner All-Star, alongside Joey Jordison, Rob Flynn and Dino Calzares. Ascendancy was one of the biggest albums of the year when it was released. Trivium experienced massive fame due to Ascendancy which was liked by almost every person that can justify calling themselves a metal fan. At Download Festival '06, word got out about Trivium playing a small set there which caused huge hype about the band who were then moved to one of the main stages simply due to the huge success of Ascendancy. Essential songs to download are Rain, Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr, A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation, Drown and Torn Asunder and Suffocating Sight.
After the huge success of Ascendancy, Trivium released The Crusade on Roadrunner. They had changed their sound dramatically, moving away from the metalcore-ish sound of ascendancy and moving towards more old-school metal and thrash of their biggest influences, Metallica. They also changed the style of the singing from the screaming that had made them famous to a more growly type of vocal such like James Hetfield. they then suffered a huge loss of fans and media support when Kerrang! rock magazine essentially called The Crusade a terrible album and Trivium Metallica ripoff-merchants. A load of trend following Kerrang! readers then decided to not buy The Crusade and to stop liking Trivium altogethor because their trend-setting masters had told them to. They stuck to the age-old we-dont-like-this-band-anymore excuse of 'They sold out'. Who exactly they sold out to remains a mystery. Those who stayed loyal to Trivium and bought the album e.g. acted of their OWN FREE WILL (something that K! readers are not aware of)either found out that The Crusade is a kickass album and that Trivium are still a kickass metal band or listened to The Crusade, didn't like it for whatever reason e.g. they don't like thrash metal or prefer metalcore of whatever. These people are infinitely better than the mindless haters because at least they kept their minds open and gave it a chance even if they didnt like it. the only similarities between Trivium and Metallica are the vocals and the music in Detonation and Anthem(We Are The Fire). the rest of the songs on the album are awesome and even the two previously mentioned are good. Essential songs are Ignition, Detonation, Entrance of the Conflagration, Tread the Floods, To the Rats and The Rising.Trivium are still an awesome band and the fact that they changed and MATURED their sound only shows that they didnt sell out and stayed true to their musical beliefs.
Metaller:dude i just saw trivium live. It was so Awesome.
Mindless scene Droog: omg how can you like trivium they sold out so much MCR pwn them so much!
*a snapping noise is heard follwed by a gurgling noise as the proper metaller snaps the scene droog's neck and walks off listening to The Crusade
by rebel without a clue July 03, 2007
Owning a Dean guitar. The slogan used by the awesome guitar making company playing on the dean logo which is the word DEAN with wings coming out of the D and N
1. The Dean ML is 30 years old this year - Isn't it time you got your wings?

2. Shredder: DUDE! I just got my wings! A Dean Razorback Inferno!
Shredder 2: Sweet! that explains the awesomness radiating from you!
by rebel without a clue July 26, 2007

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