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A patron of any non-black-owned business who patronizes said business for the sole purpose of complaining. If there is nothing to complain about, the nigger(s) will usually create a situation by attempting to induce a (preferably) white employee into making racist comments by acting as niggerish as possible. When the nigger(s) (they usually travel in packs, as it is much easier to get niggerish with immoral support) do not get a racist response from the non-black employee, because (s)he is not full of white guilt, or black hatred, as they had expected, and were trained to expect at the "black university" they attended, they then explain how immeasurably sophisticated they themselves are, often invoking claims of being doctors, lawyers, etc. These delusions of grandeur are followed by physical threats, such as, "...if I didn't have to get up at 5:00 a.m. to perform a brain surgery on the President, why I'd..." Generally niggers want to think of themselves as reasonable, productive members of society who are fighting a noble battle against racism in all forms, but actually want non-niggers to fear them - either physically or litigiously (they have given up on intellectually). Confronting a nigger as an equal, judging them only for their own, personal actions, results in utter confusion for the nigger, sometimes leading to system melt-down - the consequences of which are, unlike niggers themselves, totally unpredictable.
Fuck, I wish those niggers would kill each other off already.
by reasonable smith March 11, 2008

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