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A multi platinum rapper who has sold over 30million records so far. He came into the game in 2002 with his album 'Power of The Dollar' which was never released. He then hooked up with Dr.Dre through Eminem who heard his cd 'Guess Who's Back?' and passed it on to Dre who eventually signed 50 in a joint deal with Eminem. Then on February 2003 Shady/Aftermath released one of the best albums in history 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. which was a commercial and critical success selling over 11million records making it a DIAMOND status album. The album had crazzy tracks like IN DA CLUB, PIMP, 21 QUESTIONS, MANY MEN, HEAT, BACK DOWN, BLOOD GOUND, DON'T PUSH ME AND WANKSTA. most of these tracks should be in peoples top 10.

He is behind the success of The game and without him the game cant make hits. he ended and buried ja rule and murder inc. so haters can hate, he keep gettin better.

Although he's hated on by most WANKSTAs he still and will always have the best album of the past 10 years. he's a successful business man and should get respect for that. all his albums are recorded on his current situation, example, get rich was recorded just after he got shot so the lyrics were more on that situation. His 2nd album The Massacre was recorded after his breakthrough and his lyrics were reflecting the situation. and finally curtis his third album is an album that is recorded by a VERY RICH man, so his lyrics cant be about dealing and selling crack. if he talkin about struggles, he would be lieing and that wouldnt be the truth. so really he's an honest rapper that speaks his mind and talks about his current situation.
ey yo who got shot 9 times and sold a diamond status album?
-- tha one and only 50 cent dawwwggg!!!
by real hip hoppa September 05, 2007

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