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The sudden rush of social behavior and morale that overpowers you. Most would say they have had these moments, but they just don't know how to explain it. Moments where nothing you say ever sounds retarded, witty one liners are flying out of your mouth left and right. Some might call this a "buzz" of genuine confidence without the consumption of booze.
"Daryl sure is the life of the party tonight."

"The man is socially unstoppable."
by re4235 September 13, 2012
The aftermath regret of starting or jumping into an argument on Youtube, and paying for it by getting destroyed with hate comments and/or death threats in the morning.
"This kid on this video just said 'Skyrim blows' and he just got RAPED with hate comments. He's gonna have one hell of a Youtube Hangover."
by re4235 April 05, 2012

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