10 definitions by raze

Vastly superior to UT2k3, which will bring the old UT99 peeps back.
Clan Ci is the best clan in Ut2k4. #clanci at irc.gamesurge.net or ETG
by raZe February 20, 2004
An adjective for most players in a ReconGamer server.
Those pubs that play the same map 24/7 always have idiots in there. They are all so noobish.
by raZe February 21, 2004
A VTOL (vertical take off and land) aircraft in ut2k4 Onslaught mode that has lockon missies and can squish people too.
Noobs always steal the raptor from the good players and crash it within 50 feet.
by raZe February 20, 2004

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