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faggots who drive around by themselves with 1 hand on the wheel leaning back in there seat blasting their stereo's thinking there hot shit in unpeeeeeeeeeeeeeempeeeeeeed cars
nice cars/pimped cars including the fag inside are not mcdeedle's
look at that fucking mcdeedle
by Ray & Mharlo November 08, 2004
well you see to be started........
scart's origin over the past two years has been situated in calgary, alberta canada. scart is a reference to a fuck up used by people when people fuck up. scart is relation to death or fuck ups and or fuck ups. To comment a scart take a deep breath over pronounce the s quickly say cart.
an example of a scart is of the following:

willy chonky and the charlie company
willy wonka and the chocolate factory

some examples or scarts are
permascart-- death
scuuccacart--scart within a scart
repascart--scart used more than once within the same hour
by ray & mharlo December 01, 2004
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