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Jewish Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Used by some Jews in Northern California to describe people of Jewish heritage who have completely assimilated into white gentile culture to the point that they are indistinguishable from WASPs, or people who seem like WASPs but are Jewish or half-Jewish. The term probably had its roots in the early 20th century when Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the U.S. resented the more assimilated, wealthier, more established American Jews of German and Austrian origin, thus making it the opposite of kike. The term is rarely used outside of the Bay Area and its use seems to be dying out given the almost total assimilation of American Jewry, particularly in the West.
He seems so goyish, but he's really a jasper.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
A Catalan who looks down on other people from Spain and has an arrogant attitude
Being a supporter of Barca] is very polaco
by rattus cattus July 03, 2006
1. The former king of Albania

2. Racist slur used by bigots to refer to Jews, it's supposed to stand for "Zionist Occupation Government". Often used in the sense of a convenient scapegoat to explain their own personal failures.
1. Zog was essentially a puppet of Mussolini and few Albanians have any affection for him today.

2. Mel Gibson blames everything wrong with the US on ZOG.
by Rattus cattus October 24, 2006
A Swedish car company, currently owned by Ford, that in the 1960s got a reputation for making safe, reliable, and mostly ugly (except for the 1800 series, Volvo's only good looking car, made from 1959-74, and most known as the car Roger Moore drove in The Saint TV series) cars. The quality took a huge nosedive in about 1975 like the quality of many other cars. Almost overnight Volvos became completely unreliable and prone to breaking down almost on a daily basis. For some reason, Volvo's reputation amongst consumers wasn't affected much for years. They coasted on their reputation for what seemed like two decades, of course people unlucky enough to buy one would know that any Volvo made after 1974 is a pile of crap best suited for a junkyard. Not until the Japanese entered the luxury car market in the 1990s did people start to realize what pieces of shit Volvos were, and as a result their target market largely started buying Lexus and Acura. One of THE most expensive cars to repair, and you'll need to repair it often.
Volvos spend more time in the shop than on the road.

The Swedes tend to be such nice people ; how could they come up with a car as crappy as a Volvo?
by Rattus cattus October 24, 2006
The LA neighborhood: the home of the homeless, currently in the process of gentrification

also used to describe the US film industry, which at one time was based in the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name. nowadays the term is inaccurate because there haven't been too many films actually made in hollywood in years, in fact there are more films made in Vancouver than in all of L.A.
You're more likely to see street people hitting you up for meth money in Hollywood than any movie stars.

by Rattus cattus September 14, 2006
In the 1940s and 1950s it meant beatniks, bohemians, people into jazz and poetry, pushing the extremes when it came to sex and substance abuse, etc. etc.

Today it means what poseur meant in the 70s/80s - an insult for pseudo intellectual young people who claim to be into obscure pop culture of the past and are into co-opting cool stuff, and adopt white trash chic like trucker hats or Pabst Blue Ribbon, While being a 21st century hipster is preferable to being a gangsta, wigger, or yuppie, it's still nothing to be proud of today.
There is a book called "The Hipster Handbook" that made up fake "hipster" slang thinking that someone would fall for it

The only thing in common between the hipsters of the mid 20th century and those of today is that both are associated with New York City
Jack Kerouac was an example of a 1950s hipster.

Julian Casablancas is an example of a 21st century hipster
by Rattus cattus July 05, 2006
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