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2 definitions by rapster tee

Contrary to most of the definitions found here, this is the correct one:
'ILL' : Adjective meaning 'wild' or 'crazy'. Not always derogatory, but used when something may be so outrageous so as to be unruly.
'ILLIN': Adjective or Verb. Lunatic behaviour. See above.
"The guy was drunk - he was Illin'"
"With those green and yellow clothes you look real ill."
by rapster tee February 09, 2006
toilet or lavatory, bathroom (U.S)
plural, 'kermits'
Derived from cockney rhyming slang: Kermit the frog = bog
I'm dying for a dump, can I use your Kermits?


I'm off to use the Kermit, won't be long.
by rapster tee July 20, 2005