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A dum blonde in disguise. Regularly denies this but it is true. Signs that this is true include: Delusional sleep talking, regular displays of idiocy, uncoordinated movements and acting like a fucking retard at all times.
Person 1: 'Isn't a Gerbil a type of jellybean...?'
Person 2: ......................................no. What's your name again?
Person 1: Oksana
Person 2: Well THAT explains it!

Person 1: Look at that fucking retard dancing like a loner over there!
Person 2: Ae! Thats one fucked up Oksana

Late at night during a sleepover
A few people are asleep
Some random asleep person: (sits up) FUCK! I CAN'T FIND MY G!
*goes back to sleep*
Other people: WTF!

Other person: Oh it's Oksana dw that's normal
Other people: What a fucking retard.
by randomexposingbiatch June 05, 2011
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