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noun,singular. (hebrew) one who walks with god.
plural: yehudim.

basically it's hebrew for 'jewish person'.

trivia: the name 'Ehud Barak', is roughly equivalant to the name 'Christian Slater'
Out of the 25 yehudim in the temple, only one YEHUDI knew yiddish.
by random guy 007 October 26, 2006
like christianity vs catholicism,
Yehudianity (vs yehudism) is a laidback conglomeration of jewish practices, with a smattering of other peoples traditions, like chistmas, thrown in for fun.

Basicaly a feel-good version of yehudism similar to reform, but more true to jewish principles (like not getting tattoos, resting on the 7th day, kashrut, literacy and a knowledge of history, sunday school, torah of some sort, and all the cool jewish holidays...)
"dude, wtf's your religon?!"

mumbled reply:


"wow, those yehudians sure are cool! I'm gonna setup a trust fund promoting their cause. Yeah!"
by random guy 007 October 26, 2006

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