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a : deceit, tease, trickery; specifically : intentional perversion of a sexual promise in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right
b : an act of deceiving or misrepresenting the promise of anal sex

a : the act of destroying the anal cavity of a woman.
She was found guilty of anal fraud.

guy1: "Dude my girl said I can get anal if I take her to the movies but she still didnt give it up."
guy2: "Thats anal fraud."

dude1: "Man I fucked the shit out of this broads asshole."
dude2: "Thats anal fraud"
by rampage eddie June 03, 2013
not to be confused with anal fraud

1. that's thinking youre hitting backdoor but realize you have been hitting straight back fat the moment you are about to nut. So you have to slap her in the back of the head and tell her she's trying to fraud.
dom:" I thought I was fucking this girl in the ass last night but I was just fucking her back fat so i had to slap her"

eddie:" that's an anal miscalculation"
by rampage eddie June 03, 2013
1. the sudden energy rush you get when you are trying to make it to the bathroom before you shit your self
2. the total disregard for human life as you drive recklessly to the nearest store.
3. the willingness to run from cops when your groundhogin it.
guy1"Your going 90 in a school zone!"

guy2"I don't give a fuck I got poo poo power!"
by rampage eddie June 03, 2013

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