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when people try too hard and go out of their way to post something as their status on facebook or tweet.

They try to find humor in everyday things where there is none fishing for "likes", comments and retweets.

These people try to hard and its a shame. They are also not aware that they are doing it. If what they thought was "funny" was said by a standup comic, you would hear crickets chirping but people trying to be nice will give you a "thumbs up" or a "lol" on fb, only worsening the problem.
Just take a look at the status updates and prolly 4 out of 5 are lame and you prolly are guilty of doin it too.

Jane: LOL just got a new shirt. The salesperson was retarded I think lol

Friends: (cricket chirping, everyone "looking" at each other, finally someone decides to type lol to move on with it.)

Typical case of status syndrome
by raisun June 25, 2011

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