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2 definitions by raisin bagel

marco (v), can also be used in these tenses: To marco someone, to be marco'd to commit the act of marcoing

Marcoing someone is an act that can be done in Super Smash Bros Brawl.
To marco someone is to obtain a smash ball but not use it, kill your opponent, then use the final smash on them when they respawn.

or more simply, to marco someone is to obtain a smash ball and kill an opponent without using it.

It is best done when both players have high percentages, or at least your opponent should have high damage so you can kill them successfully without the use of a final smash, thus performing a marco

Mostly for taunting purposes, a successful marco could be your opponents worst nightmare.
Player 1 and Player 2 are engaged in combat, then a smash ball appears.

Player 1 and Player 2 have been fighting for a long time, and both race for the smash ball.

Player 1 receives the smash ball, and continues to attack player 2.

Confused and expecting a final smash, player 2 eventually is defeated.

Player 1: haha, marco'd, n00b.

Player 2, respawing: what?

Player 1 unleashes the held in final smash

Player 1: hah, FAIL.

Player 2: :|
by raisin bagel October 11, 2009
(n) pronounced: (fay-clay)
a slang term for facial hair, particularly very short or newly grown facial hair.
Jarred could tell he was overdue for a shave, as he could feel he faiclai on his chin.
by raisin bagel June 16, 2009