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A old very small piece of farming equipment.
Yo that niglet is farming the crops just like his daddy.
by ragx May 21, 2009
Orgen is the word "negro" backwards. Only for the laziest crackers to say.
The farm owner was lazy, so he started calling his slaves orgens.
by ragx May 26, 2009
The word nigger in Chinese.
Chink: Yo I went heigui hunting yesterday!!!

Nigger: Yo fo shizzle whatz up mah yellow friend?
Chink: Your such a fucking heigui.
Nigger: Whatthefuckyoutalkinboutson?
Chink: Nigger.
by ragx June 12, 2009
A black man that does not have a large penis, which turns him into a very, very, very gay nigger that is only attracted to men.
1. Yo that homoniggerfaggot is taking it up the ass again.

2. When will that homoniggerfaggot's cock ever grow so he can actually get some real sex?
by ragx May 22, 2009
Quite possibly the most hypocritical and nonsensical idea ever conceived.
Ralph Waldo Emerson formed the group of Transcendentalism, which believed one could unlock life's secrets without the use of groups or society.
by ragx May 26, 2009
When a Muslim terrorist bombs a person, or a group of people, killing the Muslim and all the people around him. By doing this act, the Muslim believes he will be sent to heaven, where he will receive 843539475348975 virgins for the rest of eternity.
To Allah: (verb)

Person: Looks like another stupid towel head that thinks he can get into heaven by Allahing innocent civilians.
Person2: When will they ever learn?
by ragx May 27, 2009
The magic that happens to ramen when you add water to it.
Kid: OMG DUDE!!!!!!! That ramen just fucken ramenized itself!!!!!
by ragx June 12, 2009

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