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whereas captain kirk keeps getting all the green intersteller women and not saving any for his wingman mr spock. (similar to cock blocking except it happens in the future.)
in a bar mr. spock was getting close to sealing the deal with a romulain female when captain kirk beamed in and totally spock blocked him.
by ragnar's vw May 12, 2009
When someone in management sees people that are smarter or more popular than them as a threat and"purges" them. either from that deparment or the company.
The new boss took over at the begining of the month, and Alan and Christy were "stalinized" by the end.
by ragnar's vw January 14, 2010
whilst doing a girl from behind you stick your thumb in her ass then wipe it under your eyes for antiglare.
i was nailing janene last night and i did the ichiro.
by ragnar's vw April 20, 2011

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