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A device which is either touch screen or has a micro QWERTY keyboard, Touch screen versions are designed to open the wrong application at the slightest touch requiring you to then spend twice as long closing the application down thus wasting time.Also prone to being covered in finger prints.

QWERTY keyboard smartphones are designed for people with pins for fingers, anyone with big manly hands usually presses several keys at once.Designed to slow you down to be more precise.
Smartphones types:
Nokia C6-01, HTC Wildfire, Samsung Galaxy s and Iphone are touchscreen
Most Blackberry phones and a few Nokia and some Samsungs have QWERTY mini keyboards/pads.
by radiator dust October 08, 2011
Touchscream -origin from touchscreen, usual phones.
Touchscream is the noise made by touchscreen phone users when frustrated by lack or response or the wrong application opening.
Sending sexy text to partner but end up sending text to parent-result touchscream
by radiator dust October 08, 2011

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