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a person (mostly likely a nigga (not nigger)) who is ignorant as shit, loves not knowing answers to your questions, eating chicken, and grape drink ( not juice, the cheaper version, grape drink).

bitch asses also love pulling out glocks and revolvers to fight like pussy, it is the root of the word bitch ass nigga or B.A.N acronym

they are most likely to have illegitimate children, on welfare, not pay child support, and think that beating up a Mexican with a baseball bat is G

also a slang term black people use like an adjective or adverb to describe things in their eyes which seem undesirable, and out of ordinary. usually resulting in a bullet in the ass
man that was a bitch ass move nigga!

move your bitch ass nigga

the world is full of many bitch asses eg. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Flava flav, and not just black people but anyone who is very outrageous such as Snookie, or Kim Kardashian
by racial and stereotypical term November 02, 2010

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