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The sound of something aerodynamic sliding through air
And he just took off running: fwah!
by Rachel April 15, 2003
This word orginates from the Indian name Hindu which means to act slutty all the time.
oh my gosh....did you see Hinda last night?....she is such a slut!
by Rachel April 04, 2005
The most perfectious guy in the world! I love him to pieces and will never stop! Also known as Tom, Rachel's bitch, Mr Swift and Oooooh Mr Swift!
God that guy may be perfect but he's not a patch on Swifty.
by Rachel August 26, 2004
rocks (r0x0r)
j00 ar3 t3h r0)()(0r!
by rachel December 06, 2003
its the "x factor" a variable of life
That jey over there is being mad jey about this whole jeying situation.
by Rachel March 20, 2005
Here in Norwich it means the oppisite of a townie. Townies and pikies have a pathetic rivalry. Townies refer to pikies as 'fuckin' dirty pikes' etc and pikies refer to townies as 'townie scum'. In schools these kind of messages are written all over the desks. In Norwich there are far fewer pikies then townies...... unfortuantely.

However, everywhere else in England. Pikie means practically the same as townie......
"What the fuck you staring at, ya fuckin' pikie?"

etc etc etc
by Rachel July 08, 2004
That party was crunk!!!
by Rachel June 10, 2002

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