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3 definitions by r2fu

A fart released before you enter a crowded area so you don't release it while in the crowded area, gassing everyone stuck in the room with you.
Before I got on the train I let out a courtesy fart on the platform because I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it in until my stop.
by r2fu October 13, 2009
someone who consistently steals other peoples food; especially prevalent among male college-age roommates.
I had leftover pizza in the refrigerator but now its gone. My roommate is such a food bandit.
by r2fu December 13, 2009
A phone number you give/get from a girl/guy the morning after you sleep with him/her even though you have absolutely no intention of calling him/her ever again, but it makes the whole goodbye thing way less awkward
I hooked up with a girl last night; she was annoying and I never want to see her again, so the next morning I got some pity digits when I dropped her off so it wouldn't be weird.
by r2fu October 08, 2009