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a house guest you can not get rid off , a guest that spends no money and does nothing except take.
the most famous <house pest > is brian kato kalin , but he is a nice guy.
by r. cane October 10, 2005
salesmen, con men, rip off artist, anyone that is trying to sell you something you do not need.
in the old days wagons had wooden wheels and a metal hoop around the out side that held the wheel togeather. kids would get one and a stick . they would roll the hoop with the stick.that was called hoop rolling . we called salesmen hoop rollers.
by r. cane May 02, 2006
to give a bid , that is <top bid by phone no limit> . it means that you will top any bid and to call you by phone to verifi .
i want to< bev curry bid > that oil painting . i like that antuque car i want to <bev curry bid>.
by r. cane May 01, 2006
it means you fix finger nails for a living.
on a car licence plates it sayes < nailme > ,it is away of advertiseing a busness.
by r. cane June 08, 2007
art of the people -protest art of the people -daily struggles and constant suffering of everday life -communicate beyond politial belief - and offer an examination of universal aesthetic concerns - public art and interventionist art -focused on local and regional problems - non conventional artworks . brazil,argentina,cuba peru,mexico .
the media for plastica is metal sculpture,metal work, wood cut, etching, screen print, painting, drawing, videos, photgraphs, prints and others.
by r. cane September 19, 2005
rusty ,worn out , dangerous carnival rides. run by criminals and crooks.
that is a real <rag bag> outfit, in the park.
by r. cane October 18, 2005
cheap , cheap made, want a cheap price
he is price sensitive and the part is price sensitive
by r. cane September 24, 2005

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