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An extremely small vagina. This sometimes results in pain during intercourse and can limit the range of partners that a woman can have.
I tried to get it on with Kim the other night but homegirl had a microvag. That shit ain't cut out for my magnum.
by R Money June 19, 2014
When a couple breaks up but then quickly gets back together. Sometimes one or both of the partners "fake up" with the intention of getting back together. Other times one partner breaks up with the other impulsively and realizes it was a mistake, causing him/her to quickly make amends and get back together. Thus, the fake up can be intentional or unplanned.
R Money and K Fab had a fake up at the party the other night.
by R Money June 19, 2014
another word for cool, awesome, or sweet. used when describing something bordering on orgasmic. the new "da bomb"
"oh my gawd, did you see John's new shoes?"
"I know! They are soo tundra"
by r money July 21, 2006

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