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An officer of the law, who likes to indulge in mischief, usually without due regard for his fellow officers; especially at parties where he likes to consume alcohol to the point where he "thinks" he is funny and having a good time. This activity is always the opposite as he actually acts idiotic and gets into fights that he cannot win.
Hey Farva, you better stop that shit or you are going to get your ass kicked!
by Question Mark January 08, 2004
One of the best bands in recent history. There albums Y.W.T.S and Echo Park are they best i have ever owned. God bless them and there music(under the weather - most underrated song)
"'Coz your a friend, i blame,myself"
"Your my anesthetic"
by question mark August 02, 2004
Organsmo - a film which created the popular phrase - "I am Sancho"
I watched Orgasmo and now i say "I am Sancho"
by question mark August 02, 2004
another word for whore
anora is a whorea
by question mark April 23, 2004
most boring place on earth
the people here in weymouth are shallow
by question mark May 06, 2005

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