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"The game" is not a lame rapper from Compton, but what people in Compton and other poor areas use as Foodstamps. Unlike in the olden days of paper foodstamps, foodstamps come in plastic to "lessen" the embarassment of getting government handouts. Also known as EBT, foodstamps is given out once a month by the government through tax payers money. "The game" is often used to buy groceries, beer, liquor and drugs. Once on the game its hard to get off the game. Term, comes from drug dealers and hustlers, since their occupation is illegal they themselves do not pay taxes from the money they make so they are eligible for "the game." True Gamers have more than one card.
"Charge it to "the game" my boy, Old E on Me"
by qgold187 August 15, 2007

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