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An abbreviation for "Where's the fudge?"
Person 1: Hi dude, wtf?

Person 2: It's over here - wait, wtf? It was here a couple hours ago. OH NO, THE FUDGE WAS STOLEN!

by qazxsw 13 January 24, 2013
Much like the periodic table of elements, but the elements are replaced with awesome things, and the name is changed to something much more awesome
Schools should stop teaching kids about the periodic table of elements. It is much more important that students learn all about the periodic table of awesomeness.
by qazxsw 13 January 24, 2013
Wow, really? You're so stupid that you had to look up "The" in the dictionary. LOL fail.
You are the stupidest person ever.
by qazxsw 13 January 26, 2013
Some random word that you heard in the Metallica song "The Frayed Ends of Sanity" from their album "...And Justice for all" so you looked it up on Urban Dictionary
Twisting under schizophrenia!
by qazxsw 13 January 24, 2013
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