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The current number one most subscribed user on YouTube as of June 2011. He has a very successful series called =3 where he reviews three viral videos. New episodes are scheduled to be released every Monday and Thursday. Sometimes his videos are late and get uploaded very early the next morning. At the end of each episode there is a comment question of the day where he chooses a video response from one of his viewers that asks a question and anyone can submit a comment to reply to the question, five of the thousands of comments are selected to be put on the next show. Ray receives a lot of hate like "this isn't original content, all you do is steal content from other people and add commentary to it." While this is true, people don't realize that he also advertises channels that try their best to deliver great content, and in return, getting those channels thousands of subscribers that they wouldn't get for months or years otherwise.

Ray also has two other channels. His 2nd channel is BreakingNYC (today known as BreakingLA), which used to be a daily vlog channel. It was inactive from May 12, 2010 - April 29th, 2011 because Ray was too busy to maintain the channel. Today, he uploads one vlog a week every Friday night. Vlogs sometimes has other various YouTubers.

Ray's third channel is YourFavoriteMartian. Every other Wednesday an animated music video is uploaded to the channel. In a vlog Ray stated this channel might have one music video a week in the future.
SSoHPKC has never been in a Ray William Johnson video.
by qatsxtrdcyihfvi July 13, 2011

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