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This slang phrase refers to the act of smoking a puffed Cheeto as if it were a cigar or lighting the crushed product in a pipe, usually made of aluminum foil. Smoking Cheetos for a prolonged amount of time will yield a mild high, due to the fumes released from the preservatives found in the "orange dust". A consensus among those known commonly as "The Chester Club" is that smoking exactly two hundred puffed Cheetos will yield a "high" for about five seconds. The high is said to include amnesia, unconsciousness, and total unresponsiveness to external stimuli. Common among those who blaze the chester is the number "200". They say "too hunnit er'day" to indicate that they partake of "that good chedda". Despite the popularity of smoking two hundred pieces in order to achieve a high, smoking out of a large pipe known as a "peace pipe" made of aluminum foil is far more effective. This method involves placing and igniting a cheeto into the end of the pipe. The smoke is inhaled only while the cheeto is ablaze. Participants of this activity usually wear hats that have ear flaps, and modify them to have the flaps stick outwards from the head. These hats are called "Chester Hats". Blazing the Chester originated in northwestern Illinois from a group of teenagers by a fire with nothing but Cheeto puffs and imagination. To this day, people still "Blaze the Chester" and might refer to it as "Chasin' the cheetah", "Crankin' da oranj in da tin", and "Tokin' that good chedda".
Bro 1: "Dude, what the hell are you smoking? Is that a cheeto?"
Bro 2: *cough* "Yeah bruh, I'm Blazing the Chester"
Bro 1: "You dumbass"
Bro 2: "I hit dat too hunnit er'day"
Bro 1: "Lemme get a righteous toke."
Bro 2: "Hand me that foil so we can crank oranj in da tin" *fashions three foot long peace pipe and lights up a piece*
Bro 1: *takes a mad-righteous toke* "......"
Bro 2: "Haha, you like?"
Bro 1: ...(Five seconds later)... "Wh..Wh..Whut?"
Bro 2: "Duuuuude..."
by pussypunker March 02, 2014
The act of vomiting inside a woman's vagina, eating her out, and then vigorously fornicating her without any showers in between steps. Optional: The woman may wish to use PVC piping to open the male's anus and perform the same act on him, only she uses a strap-on.
Jeff gave a Philippino transgender hooker a Mississippi soup kitchen upon her request. She returned the favor upon Jeff's request.
by pussypunker May 19, 2011
Justin Beiber is a Canadian woman trapped in a homosexual boy's body. Justin Beiber is known for his terrible singing, but revered for his atrocious acts against mankind (other than his "music").
Justin Beiber is a homosexual.
by pussypunker March 02, 2014
A word (not words) exclaimed when you are in an angry group of people to add your anger into the situation. The expression may also be used to proclaim joy in some situations. Often times the group becomes awkwardly silent or bursts into laughter upon hearing this remark.
(Jeff's teacher assigns assload of homework)
Robbie: Shit!
Brandon: Damnit!
Randy: What the hell!?
Todd: AHH! Fuck me!
Class: ...(silence)
by pussypunker January 11, 2011
Process of inserting the erect penal object into an anus then receiving oral immediately after so the person eats your shit.
Jeff got the Hong Kong Dong from a Ukrainian tranny behind Applebee's while he was wasted.
by pussypunker October 31, 2010
The sudden expulsion of sperm fluids from a penal object resulting from penal stimulation from any of various corals. A penal objection may also occur from seeing a particularly attractive coral but not making penal contact with it. (See also premature ejaculation)
Jeff achieved an epic penal objection while making penal contact with his girlfriends anal corals.
by pussypunker July 10, 2010
Fusing of the penal object and any of various corals as a result of penal stimulation and coral movement upon the object.
Jeff achieved orgasmic fusion while nailing his girlfriend behind Wal-Mart.
by pussypunker July 10, 2010
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