8 definitions by push.tyber


1. An entity of modern day americana of high regard and favor by {and amoung the circle of} vanity

2. A true and severe cheshire magnet, able to bring flocks in seconds and by the prooven hundreds

3. A verbality leech and text sucker of others

4. A psuedofaux enigma, made so by cheshires and subbeautifuls alike

5. Of polar to St.Push and {despiteversesexchangedbetween heandpush.tyber} under marks from said St. in the even that he would ever set foot to theNYC {givenherwillandwilling}

6. Underestimated and overdramatized, something that is beyond the grasp because he can no longer be seen as a simple stone but instead for the things spoken of it
"Jeffree Star, Queen of the Beautifuls"
by push.tyber March 21, 2005

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