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Small town more popularly known as the place where "Sammi Sweetheart" (Samantha Giancola) from the popular MTV show 'Jersey Shore' lives.

The high school ("Raritan" located on Middle Road) and the town in general is heavily populated with guidos/guidettes and lesbians. The people in the school think they're bad or 'hard', when really they live in a New Jersey suburb. They also hate Keansburg because they say it's trashy, even though they are literally two minutes apart, some even in living in west Keansburg. They also hate Middletown for being stuckup, but they are just as bad.
Person 1: Oh man there was totally this big-ass trashy grenade in the club last night, and they live right around here!

Person 2: They were probably from Keansburg if their trashy.

Person 1: Nah bro she was pretty stuckup, she thought her shit didn't stink

Person 2: Oh so she's from Middletown!

Person 1: Nahh, she's from Hazlet!

Person 2: Fuckin skank!
by pursuitofhappiness25 February 23, 2011

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