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The Poor White Persons version of RAP, in the sense that it a specific kind of spoken or written format, blending artistic expression, personal experience and politic protest and is usually written for an audience of peers in mind. Like RAP, it is an angry but non-violent form of political expression. Punk Music is to Ranting as Rap Music is to Rapping. Today, poor whites, perform Rants in pubs, pod-casts and on the Internet.

Anger is usually the fuel that oppressed people use to organize and fight for social and political change. Since Rich Whites don't want change, they have re-defined the tradition of Ranting into something that is done by crazy, unstable people, used to incite violence the same way they have positioned, re-defineded and/or reacted to RAP and Rap Music.

Historically, in Old Europe, Rich Whites encouraged Poor Whites to physically fight each other, Boxing, and outlawed Ranting in many cities and countries. Ranting like Rapping, is considered more dangerous then Boxing to the White Power Structure, because it encourages poor people to become personally and actively politically engaged and to collectively direct their anger outwards in organized political action rather then inwards, towards each other.

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London England is the oldest Public Ranting Space and has had such people as George Orwell and Karl Marx Rant there. It is still the place in England where The Poor gather to protest. A recent anti-war protest at Speakers Corner was banned for "safety," reasons.
Let's go over to Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park and listen to the Rants.

Rick Mercier became famous in Canada for his ranting on This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes.

Did you hear her brilliant rant against Rich Whites at the pub last night?
by punkgirl November 14, 2006

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