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2 definitions by pud monkey

A stoner who falls asleep (due to inhaling mass amounts of the chemical substance "THC") in the sun, sometimes obtains a sun burn. This burn is called a Stoners Tan. Stoners Tan's are easily identifiable by the uneveness of the tan, often only covering one side of the stoners face.
Haha~ Tyler's a fucking idiot getting stoned and passing out in his backyard. He's reppin' the stoner tan to the fullest!
by pud monkey May 26, 2005
30 6
The act of giving somebody a hand fart but holding you hand forcefully over the recievers face, ensuring the fart is inhaled.
Ahhh fuck Matt, you just gave me the harshest Japanese Sweatervest... Just wait till you go to sleep tonight you bastard...
by pud monkey May 26, 2005
28 14